The guy I like keeps ignoring me!!!?

So the guy I like who I think likes me because he made hints about it to me and to my bestfriend, ignored me on chat and its not been the first time so I confronted him about it and he was completely oblivious to it, do ya think it's going to be awkward from now on?
Haaaayyy der court
Is for horses
Lol yea, what's up
Booking the appointment for my tattoo, what about you?
What are you getting?
it's a Surprise haha
acouple hours later

So whats up with you? O.0 (confused face)

Just drivin around with Jeff and mArio
That's cool but that's not what I meant
whats up with me? just trying to better myself for my future plans
never mind haha
Read and no reply

I wasn't trying to be confusing and I figured anyone with a brain would realise what I meant by "whats up with you? O.0" after you ignored me for the 100th time

plus he keeps sending me signs that he likes me and others keep noticing, and he was talking about the "girl" he likes and he said that he likes her more than anyone he has ever liked but they don't speak
so when I try to talk to him because I wanna end up dating him, he somehow unnecessarily ignores me at some point, even though I know for a fact there isn't another girl in his life so its definitely ME!


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  • Just tell him that you like him and ask him on a date. some guys are shy and can seem to ignore you because they are too nervous. Whenever i talk to a crush i tend to make up excuses and run away just because im so scared ill screw up. It sucks but it happens


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