Is he interested, he cancelled our second date?

So I have been chatting with this guy online. We met yesterday for the first time and had a great date.

We met at a bookstore and hung out there for a while, then went to get some lunch and then went to see a movie. We also went on a walk in the park.

I thought things went well, he even admitting to wanting to kiss me when we were texting after the date was over. He gave me a hug though. He also said I was cute :)

Today we were supposed to see each other again, but he cancelled just over an hour before we were to meet again.

We were just going to have a simple movie date at his house. But he cancelled saying he was tired. He didn't sleep well last night and was in class for the morning.

Do you think he's still interested? Part of me was feeling as though he would cancel.

What do you guys think?
I should have added, he put off hanging out until tomorrow, although we haven't set a time. He said and I'll quote him "Would you be offended if we held hanging out until tomorrow night?".


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  • Being tired is a lame excuse, if i liked a girl i would do everything i possibly could to date her. He probably overthought the whole movie date AT HIS HOUSE thing (if you get what i mean, its what guys do). I think he's just not comfortable to get into physical contact yet (not implying you want to), but try a few more public dates then it will be easier for him to be around you.

    • I think you might be right about the physical contact. He kept apologizing yesterday when we were walking and would accidently bump arms. I'm pretty easy going and it doesn't bother me, obv I knew he wasn't trying to do it on purpose :P And he's self-conscious about his body (he has gained weight over the past few years). But that doesn't bother me either, he's such a sweet guy :)

    • then tell him you dont mind. its probably best to let him do thing at his own pace, with a push in the right direction sometimes :)

    • I almost did the same thing he did the first time a girl asked if she could come over for a date. I was so nervous i couldnt even eat anything!

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  • It's too soon for you to panic. If he doesn't call you in a week then you can assume it's over


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  • It is the second date and you were going to a "simple" movie date at his house? I doubt it would have been simple.
    While it could be that he was tired, what I'm surprised about is that he didn't reschedule for another time. He needs to be the one to get contact you again.
    Why did you think he would cancel?

  • He may either be busy, or he may just want to slow things down a little. I know I would want to avoid sex if I'm actually dating (because I like to date seriously)


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