We met online, and he invited me out. Would it be weird to ask a mutual friend to join us?

We met on Tinder about a week ago. We have been texting all day since then, and we really get along very well. He invited me to go to this carnival, but to be honest I'm a bit nervous because this is the first time I met someone from the Internet. However, a good friend of mine is actually his best friend, so I was thinking to invite her to join us, so I can be more relaxed, you know?

Would it be a good idea? If so, how can I tell him I want to invite her without giving the wrong impression?


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  • Take it from an experienced online dater...

    When it comes to meeting people online, you have to face the fact that you're meeting a complete stranger, regardless of how many of their friends you know. They could be your future husband or a raging psychopath. I have had the wonderful fortune of meeting the later online.

    As a guy, I was still cautious but I didn't really fear for my safety or anything. While it didn't workout romantically, I met a good friend online. What she did is she would bring one of her friends with her and the friend would be kind of undercover. In other words, we had our "date" at a nice restaurant. Her two friends came along and sat at another table, but I had no idea they were there. Her two friends were there just to kinda make her feel more secure until she could kinda feel her date out, to see if she could gain her trust.

    I would have some of YOUR friends come to the carnival as well, but not interfering with your date. Don't introduce them. Don't interact with them. Just make it clear to them that having them there as well, even if they're not hanging out, makes you feel better with the situation.


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  • I really like what jeremy20 said. Good advice. I would be turned off if you invited a friend to join us. I have had gf in the past that thought the "more the merrier" and would bring her friends along when we went out. We lasted only a few months then I got sick of it and dumped her. I do, however, understand your concern and respect it. I would rather get to know you a little bit better before an actual date. Maybe like a pre-date meet. Something like going for simple coffee to say hello. You could meet in public place and go your separate ways after. Then, if you choose, you can have the full date later or pass him up.

  • if you bring friends, it´s not a date... i mean if a good friend of yours is his best friend, there is nothing to worry about. usually there is quite a lot to worry about if you meet people from the interent xD so relax and go to that date alone !


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