Panama part 2: I'm just annoyed...couldn't he text?

Ok so if you read my first question you know that my boyfriend is in panama for a week with his other guy friends. Before he left he actually asked me 'What are you going to do if girls come back to our room? ' I told him that I'm going to break up with him if that happens because all the guys have girlfriends and I don't think that I should have to worry about that while he's there getting drunk (that's all he's talked about doing, getting wasted) We argued about that 2 weeks before he left and then he said 'i was just saying that stuff about girls coming to our room just to piss you off. ' I just don't get why he would do that, especially if he didn't want to fight in the first place. It just seems like he's trying to upset me on purpose. And now that he is in Panama, I've heard from him once. I haven't called him or anything because I know he's on vacation with his friends and I don't expect to hear from him a lot while he's there but he could at least reply to a simple 'goodnight, I love you' text message at some point. Couldn't he?


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  • I was deployed down in Panama and Colombia on military operations for a good while so I know the area in and out. We stayed at hotels some times and at night the casino area was SWAMPED with whores. Rather crazy in my book. Later I went out in town and discovered a lot of the local gals will prostitute themselves for money. The economy in the region isn't the greatest.

    Getting back to my story, several guys told their girls and wives they were just getting drunk and hanging with the guys. The arguing part on his behalf gives him a form of emotional dampening to go out and mess around. I know because my friend at the time did the exact same thing with his girlfriend. Now, is he sleeping around? I can't say yes or no. I don't know the guy so I can't make that call. Of course if he was serious about you then I fail to see why he would even bring up the topic of having women back at his room. Makes no sense.

    About the contact thing, he could yes text you if he had some sort of international cell phone plan or he went and bought a local phone. I bought a SIM card for my phone so I could call my folks without being raped by the hotel's phone bill. There are like 5 billion internet cafe joints in the capital alone too. Will he though? True, he is on vacation and the point of a vacation is to disappear. You are wise not to call him for that would just make him feel smothered.

    If he loves you truly then technically you have nothing to worry about. Then again you are here wondering about the situation which means you doubt the trust between you. Not a good thing. If he cheated and feels guilty you will know. If he cheated and doesn't then the love you thought was strong in reality was false. You will find out when he gets back I am afraid.


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  • If he has never done anything like cheating before, you are in good hands I'm sure.

    Him bringing up the "i might bring girls back to the room" thing was rude and immature. He wanted to make you jealous and you have every right to have gotten mad. Sometimes guys like when girls get mad because I'm told they think its cute. This could have been that kind of thing. But still why in the world was bringing girls to the room in his mind AT ALL?

    You are correct by not texting or calling or anything. But lets say he went down for 10 days, let him go for the first 2, and then on the 3rd day drop him a quick call and ask him how everything is going. Then again on the 7th day. Then again on the 9th to wish him a good trip home.

    Try your hardest to keep the phone calls at the absolute most of 20 minutes.

    Try to stick to 10 minutes.

    He may even decide to call you on the days he realizes you didn't call him.

    You may be overthinking it though. I always do that. He probably is just going to have fun, and the guy who answered "texasinsanitypepper" was completely correct. If the guy loves you, he wouldn't cheat. And there may be some trust issues in your relationship.

    If he does/did cheat you will know it almost instantly. If he loves you or even likes you. He will break down and tell you that he cheated and he's extremely sorry. If not, he will try hiding it but his actions will be so obvious.

    I hope everything works out for you.

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  • So, this is the week. I remember your first question. You gotta stay strong this week. So, what's wrong with you sending him a text telling him I love you? Let him know you still exsist?

    • I have sent him a text, I finally broke down and called him and he didn't answer so I just assumed he was at the beach but that was 8 hours ago. So I don't know what to think lol. Maybe he will call me when he sobers up. Or something.