Really need help! things are going good and I don't want to mess them up, how should I handle this situation so that I can end up making her my girl?

OK I know this is long but please help me out! today at college I was meeting up for a study group with a girl who is best friends with this girl that I have had a crush on for quite a while, I never told my friend that I had a crush on her best friend. anyways this was the first time that I have seen her since we got out of school back in may and while we were studying she told me that her best friend (the one that I have a crush on) was interested in me and had brought my name up in conversation a couple times and that I should message her on Twitter and get her number! I thought this was a little bold but I went ahead and messaged her and after sending a couple messages back and forth I asked her for her number so I could text her and she gave it to me! Her friend kept on telling me that I should ask her to hang out sometime, which I thought again would be a little bold... but the opportunity presented itself when she told me that she plays piano, I also play piano so I told her that we should get together and play sometime and she said "that sounds like fun!"

I've been texting her for most of the night now and its been going pretty good, she hasn't been contributing to the conversation a whole lot but she has replied to all of my text. I was thinking that I should wait 2 or 3 days now before I text her again, her friend told me that wasn't a good idea and that I should text her again tomorrow and ask her out on a date in the next couple days. I just feel like if I do what her friend is telling me to do im gonna come across as being to bold and creep her out and end up losing her because of it!

so should I follow my friends advice? or should I play it a little more reserved? any other advice on how to handle this situation is also very much appreciated!!


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  • DO NOT suddenly drop the texting. It will make her start to wonder why you stopped, and she may think she said or did somthing wrong. Go ahead, ask her out! but if you feel it would be to fast, talk a day or 2 more than ask her. Just don't suddenly stop talking, gilrs don't like that :)

    • I wasn't planning on just dropping the conversation, I was thinking that I would text her goodnight tonight and then not text her tomorrow or wait and see if she text me, and then if she doesn't text me tomorrow I would text her the next day! or is that the same thing?

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    • Ok! thanks for the help

    • no prob! good luck!
      and one word of advice, listen to the girl's best friend! that can be a key to getting to know a girl!

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  • Well this is your life and your feelings. Just behave the way you want. Since you know she is into you also, so there shouldn't be any problem. Don't let 3rd parties to involve your business. Even she is your friend and she wants to help you. Women think differently, if you stop texting she will wonder, if you text her many times in a day she will get bored. Just balance it.

  • As much as it drives me crazy when the guy I like doesn't message me... I would say wait a day. You don't want to be too bold and I can understand that, it's better to be safe than sorry? and maybe she might text you first because she misses you. ^^ that might make you pretty happy.


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  • Your friend is giving you the best advice possible. Keep doing what you're doing.

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