Is it just a hang out or a date?

I have known of this guy since high school, we never talked before. Well we had each other on Facebook for awhile and on Halloween I saw him driving down the street.. when I got home I posted a status about my day and he liked it, so I said I think I saw him and he said he saw me too, but didn't want to honk and look creepy.. after awhile he invited me to a party, but I didn't go because I was in like and talking to another person at the time.

He messaged me two weeks ago, he was asking if I am going to school and what not. The conversation ended quick. I messaged him the other day and we were talking about his job and I said it was scary but that I watch too many scary movies, he said he does too and that we should go see one sometime. I said we should and he said he is up for it and he told me when he is off and that it doesn't matter what we do.

I was just curious if he is asking me out most likely on a date or just a hang out? I never talked to him before until he messaged me the first time.


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  • Well, I think as of right now, I think it might be just a hangout. But as time goes on, if he likes what he sees, he'll either ask you to be his girlfriend or if you would like to go on a date. Either way, you guys get to know each other. Plus, from what I just read, you guys need to know each other. And, that will give you a feel for him too!

    • I told him I don't drink if he wants to go to a bar. He has not replied back.. so maybe we won't hang out after all. I really would of felt comfortable if I did get to know him more

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  • I read your first sentence and can I just say I love how you said know of instead of know? Most girls would say that they know him. You're a breath of fresh air