How can I get his attention again?

I've been dating a guy (you can know more about it in my last question) who i've been super compatible with, but we've only dated for a few days. Suddenly I went to another city to live and was not possible for us to still dating and seeing each other. On the other hand, he felt overwhelmed, I think because he believed that I was looking for a long distance relationship (which i didn't want) but that made him change his mind. When he knew I came back to the city we've been both living again, he started talking to me again and looked interested on me for a few days until last sunday. Now it seems like i'm the one who is interested and i don't want to overwhelm him despite I don't understand how can he change his mind so quickly, because I think I really liked him.

You guys, how could a girl make you are interested in her again?


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  • Being staright forward. Telling that you love him, saying nice things, showing that you have interest for him. Sex...

    Thats how she can caught MY interest again. You gotta keep up the flame to keep the fire alive.


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