How to get the second date with a guy who doesn't text much?

I got coffee with a guy on Wednesday and it was really great. he was easy to talk to and we got along well. He said we should do it again soon at the end. I texted him that night to say thanks again and he reiterated that but we didn't set anything up. The problem is, he's not much of a texter, and while I'm all about face to face communication, we would have to either text or call to set something up. We talked back and forth with really no pauses for over two hours, but he barely responds to texting except when it's about logistics. Do you think he'll go ahead and set up a second date on his own or do I have to prompt him? I don't want to keep texting and annoying him, because I know it's not his thing, but I also don't want too much time to pass between dates and lose the momentum.


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  • ummmm you can't be expecting or making the guy do everything for you/a girl, it just doesn't work that way so what you need to do is contact him tell him what YOU yourself want and set up the date (s), guys are usually already interested but its the girl who has to follow up


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