What does it mean when a guy holds a unhealthy grudge towards his ex?

Just curious to know what it means... =/ long story short my bf was talking about his ex's parents breaking them up but they constantly got into arguments and she broke up with him to go with his friend. I know it's messed up but suddenly he got mad and told me he didn't want to talk about it anymore but I'm wondering if he still isn't over her or not please help... I don't want him to lead me on and not being serious we both are in love with each other and we care about each other deeply but I don't know if he still feels something for his ex =(


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  • It usual means his ex hurt him badly and that is the way he is handling it.

    • It could be it but can there be a way for me to help him move on from his hurtful past relationship?

    • Help him keep his mind off it or any thing that has to do with it and time will change it

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