Didn't like her at fist but now?

When in fist started my new job there was this cute little thing but I didn't think anything of it. She would stare at me in meetings flip her hair around like crazy over the top until I looked her way. I also noticed she was popping up all over the place and I was bumping into her all the time. The first time I stopped her to talk she stumbled over her words and could barely talk she was so nervous. at first I was just like oh she's cute, but nothing really more than that. I could tell she was trying to get my attention and talk to me. Now we've been talking for months she has played little games with me and now I'm like hooked. What the hell happened?


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  • you've answered your own question but if you really want to dive into here is goes.
    A. you thought she she cute when you first meet her that's all it takes usually is the initial attraction
    B. You noticed her before she started using her tricks so you were watching her too
    E. this concludes the analysis

    • Haha thanks. Were her games intended to get me hooked? What is that?

      She doesn't seem like she's been with many dudes so how so crafty?

    • key word is seem, just because she seems one way doesn't mean that she is that way and yes games are intended to get people hooked

    • Eh I'm pretty sure in this one, can tell she hasn't hard to explain...

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