Cheated pretty badly like very vuryy bad?

so i cheated on my girlfriend with this one girl and i said shit like "i was thinking of you with no clothes" and so on and she ended up telling my girlfriend. i was using nyquil and this was before i went to sleep so i wasn't aware. well we fought but in the end she said shell think about it ( whats that mean in girl talk) and that we flirt and so fourth. i feel really bad i didn't mean to any tips on what to do


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  • You stuffed up bad. If your girlfriend has any self respect she will dump you, if she doesn't have any she will probably take you back


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  • when she says "i'll think about it" she means she is trying to figure out if your still worth her time or not. i mean that is how it is with me. And half of the time i don't even think on the problem when i say "i'll think about it" i just say i will to stall time.


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