Why does my bf do this to me? I really would like a lot of help :( thank you.. description is under v?

I haven't seen my bf for 1 week
we really haven't talked more than 10 words in the entire week.
i asked to spend 4th of July with him since it was his day off and he said no because he was going to his friends party and some other people.
why in the world wouldn't he want to spend it with me? Like wtf !!! Any ideas? Anything is welcome.
by the way my birthday is Monday and i asked if we were going to spend it together and he said NO bcus he might be busy :(
were both on our 20's... </3


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  • Hey I'm sorry to hear the pain your going through. I'm going and have went through almost the exact same situation with me ex but just reversed. The reason he is doing this is Becuase he is bored, he knows he has you all the time. Which means your to available, or it could be when you guys hang out it's the same routine over and over again. Here's what you do. Stop making plans with him, if he wants to play the distant game so can you. Start being more distant from him, make him chase you. Keep doing it until he finally makes plans with you. It's not that hard to do if your dating. If he's always to busy for you, be to busy for him. Always go out have fun maybe even meet new people that enjoy your company and would do anything to be with you all of the time. Not some guy that says he wants to be with his friends more than his partner.

    Answer mine if you have some time please :)


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  • He was in the wrong for not choosing you
    over his friends but with younger guys that's
    very common to happen with older guys are
    set in their ways they are settle down but he
    should spend time with you for your birthday
    well you need to start giving him the same
    treatment but if i had girl she would come first
    there is guys in the same boat whose got
    girlfriends who put their friends before them

  • You're not his priority. drop his ass.


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  • He seems to be bored and uninterested in the relationship but doesn't know how to completely break it off with you.

  • Say SEE YA LATER. He doesn't care about you or the relationship.
    This isn't normal. It won't change. There is unfortunately no hope.
    Been there, done that.
    How awful is it that he can't invite you along? What do you suppose he was doing with friends for the 4th that you couldn't be there?
    And your birthday won't be spent with him? He didn't make every effort to make time for you on that one day?
    Why are you settling for less than crumbs? Why are you accepting this poor treatment?
    If he physically kicked you would it send you packing? Or is the mental abuse fun for you?

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