I need her to be a mom, an adult!

So, my mom is married to my dad. She had what people would call a really fun childhood nowadays. But I've found that she has becoming best friends with all my friends, mostly my guy friends, including my boyfriend, and even flirting with them! (guy friends & bf). It's really annoying and makes me mad and sad and annoyed! Like I don't know what to do anymore! :( I know most of you will probably say talk to her about it, but I've already tried to explain that to her, and she got mad and denied it and was like 'oh what you just want me to stop talking to EVERYBODY!?' Lately I've just been shutting her out of my life because I can't take it anymore. I've talked to my boyfriend about it as well as my younger sister and they both agree, but my boyfriend doesn't want to be mean so h puts up with it. But the thing is me and my boyfriend are only secretly dating and my mom knows, so why is she doing this? I was starting to think that my boyfriend only loved me for my mom, but we talked about it and I believe him that he loves me for me. But say if I were to act like her and flirt and go for walks to talk about stuff, people would know we like each other! Even the other day when I was hanging out with all my friends when all our families were camping together, all the patents were supposed to be sleeping so we could hangout and talk about stuff around the fire. All of a sudden she comes up sits down and starts joking around with all of them! Then I found out that the next morning, she went in my boyfriend's camper and spooned with him as a joke. I was like WTF?!? Why can't she just act like an adult!? She had her fun but she said she does t want me do get into the stuff she did as a kid but yet when something good happens like me and my boyfriend, she has to take over and ruin it! I would try to talk to her, because I would usually view her as one of my best friends, which I sometimes really hate because I need her to be a mom, an adult! Not some fun-loving mom that wants to be friends with my friends and fliers with my boyfriend!? Yesterday I had a breakdown because of it all.

I just need some input, boys and girls..


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  • wow, that's a tight one. don't wanna be in your shoes.

    anyways, what does your dad say about it? have you tried talking to her about it? guess the best thing to do is to find out why she is acting the way she is. maybe she has a problem or something like a disorder or didn't have those kinds of guys around her when she was your age.

    try talking to mature adult.

  • I have been in the same situation before (in a way) . My mom was always the young fun party mom. The cool mom as my friends woould say. She was like a best friend to me and we had a lot of fun but she was never my mom. I didn't need a best friend I needed a mom. She was young, single, and looked very young for her age. A lot of my guy friends called her a milf and stuff. Well when I was 17 I started dating this guy who was 19. We were together for almost 1 yearr and then I found my mom and him had been sleeping together since before me and him got together. I guess they hooked up at a bon fire I had at my house and he was just a friend at the time. They had been having sex the whole time me and him were together. He had sex with her and me the same day a lot which is disgusting. I didn't talk to my mom for a year and I moved out and then when I did we went to dinner and she told me she was pregnant. So I stopped talking to her again and they got married and had that baby and I didn't go to the wedding or anything. We started talking again because I needed a job and her husband / my ex got me a job at his store. Everything is kinda good now but it still is weird and gross. I don't know what to tell you about your situation but I hope you feel better about it after knowing my situation. good luck hunnie

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