Guy best friend? I need y'all's opinion!

okay so this guy is my best friend! I have know him for years, because of our family's are like really close! every since he met me he has liked me, well he has been tring to go out with me for years but I always said no because I didn't like him. well now I do...

and I want to date him but what's holding me back is he's immature, and flirts with a lot of girls. I also don't want to date him because I think it will be awquard due to our family's being so close.
but as I said I really do love him!

can someone please give me their opinion on what I should do?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • He probably flirts with other girls because you always said no and he MOVED ON a lot of us I cluding me were in this exact situation, so what I'm trying g to say is that he DID want you now he moved on so it doesn't matter that you like him now, you had a chance at that time, sorry to put it slightly bluntly

    • But you may still have a small chance

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What Guys Said 2

  • I say date him because first of all your families are close; so he will be more respectful because of that fact. Second of all, he won't want to disappoint his family by being immature to his girlfriend. And finally, byh being really close, there will be many family/social events to hang out at while you are dating, so that he will should show that he is faithful to the relationship

  • Well,2 of my best friends was married to their girl best friend (family friends) and I will tell you, these two guys are womanizer.
    So for me, Date him, possibly he will change his habits and you will be surprised of his transformation.


What Girls Said 1

  • You should go for it and date him.
    As for your families being close, I don't think your guys' romantic relationship will make things awkward, if anything they should've expected it. I would. As for his immaturity, just let him know ahead of time that you won't tolerate flirting with other girls in your relationship.

    You love him?