What can I do to fix this problem with the girl I like? (sorry its long but please help)?

I've been talking to this girl for a month and we have seen each other 4 times now.. we text each other all the time and pretty much flirt constantly over text. We both agreed that we would see how things go and not rush into anything because she has in the past and it didn't work
It was fine till this 4th date, It was a two way thing. 2 lads 2 girls. Girl A is the one i like girl B is my friend. I didn't really get a chance to talk with A because B was always trying to talk to me. At the end of the date i kissed A and she texted me saying she didn't want to kiss because of how the night went but she said to her friend that she did want to kiss me
The next day A text me saying "i think we should just be friends", "i wanted us to be more but after last night i dont think it would work", "id like it to have been more but i need to get to know you as a person instead of more"," i wanted things to be more but i didn't want to rush into making it more" then this is where i know i went wrong. "for christ sake you could talk to B way more than me because your mates, i dont think we can even call each other mates because we dont know each other as a person, i wish it could be like that with us" so my mates say that I've accidentally made A jealous, but surely for A to get jealous she must have feelings for me? then A started saying "it probably won't happen but who knows if we became great mates in future who am i to say what would happen"
I've tried texting her the day after to see how she was but its not like she's putting in effort to be friends she's acting completely distant and off with me like i've done something wrong. At same time though its like she wants to keep talking to me when i dont make the effort by making conversation but when i make conversation its like talking to a wall.

For the record before this date she already knew how i felt for her and me and A have already talked about our feelings beforehand and we agreed that we won't rush anything


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  • Girl A expect from you to talk to her and to get to know each other more. You didn't do that because of B and A drop that. She thought you two could be together but you didn't act interested because you were so busy talking to B and when she saw that you don't "care", she moved on. Text her again, say that you're sorry for what happened that night and call her out, just the two of you. If she agrees, talk to her and stuff but don't try anything more. You'll have time for that. Maybe you could say that you like her if you do just to see her reaction.. then you'll know what to do. If she doesn't agree, move on because she got over you and moved on..

    • she knows i like her thats the thing she knew before the date i was interested in her

    • well you didn't seemed like you like her and she saw that. Still, talk to her and ask her out.. That's the only way you can fix that..

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