Regrets about pressuring her into something serious: What to do next?

A month or so ago, me and this girl I was dating were on a night out and when we got back to mine she said nothing was going to happen. I was cool with that, except for the fact that a week earlier she said this was going to be the night when something would happen between us. I was a bit annoyed because I was very, very drunk and I said a few things that might've made her feel a bit awkward or uncomfortable, and may have made her feel pressured into a serious relationship.

The morning after I felt terrible, and still do a month on, even though I don't think I did anything that bad, I was just impulsive and drunk. I apologized the day after the night out and i got the ''it's fine'' response. Since then it's been a month and I want to explain myself in more detail and tell her the reasons why I may have said what I said. Is this wise or should I just leave it and see if she comes back?

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  • Well don't be all clibgy and worried now. Just relax and take things slow. Tell her, "Look on sorry that I was wasted that day but I really wanted to make you mine. Let me take you out again. I swear I wony drink a drop and we'll have a nice time.", something like that.

    • Yeah that's what I want to do, but i've already apologized to her already so should I do it again? This time with more detail to justify some of the things I said?

    • Of course girls love nothing more than to have a man admit they were wrong. Throw in some small sweet romantic gestures too.

    • So do you reckon I should ask her if she wants to hang out first or should I explain myself a bit about what happened a month ago and the whole situation?

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  • If you don't think you did anything that bad then what's the problem?

    • Because it's obvious that things haven't quite been the same since that night. I don't know if it was something I said that I didn't notice or whether it was something I did, i'm not sure. I made out with her in the club, then when I got back to the room I kinda got into my boxers and asked what she wanted to do (I know, I was drunk, but at least I didn't try to come onto her while drunk which is worse). She said nothing was going to happen, I said ok, then foolishly I talked to her about it and said some silly things that might have made her feel a bit uncomfortable (I never meant any of the things though which is the most frustrating part of this)

    • I guess I was a bit confused and annoyed at her leading me on and saying something was going to happen when actually, nothing was. Should I talk to her about this a month on or should I just leave it?

  • You though you were gonna get some and you got drunk? A first time with someone you like and being drunk is so tacky. Come on that was probably what did it. And if you got drunk because she changed her mind you are a douche bag anyway.

    • You don't understand, SHE was the one who wanted something to happen that night. I wasn't even going to mention it at all until she was ready

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    • I'm not uncomfortable at all to do it sober. She told me a week earlier about something bad which happened because of drunk unprotected sex and because of that I completely avoided the topic of sex. THEN a few days later, she tells me that she's going to get drunk and we're going to have sex together a week later. When I heard this I was pretty taken back and confused

    • And now apparently it seems like it's my fault for being drunk and being a bit impulsive. It's not like I tried anything on with her or took advantage of her, I wanted to make sure she was cool with things first because I don't like to force myself upon drunk girls

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