What's your views on texting between dates? If giving a second chance would you contact your ex like they were a new person?

So I've learned that I hate texting. I mean I respond as soon as I can but I'd rather not text a girl all day about things that don't matter. I have work, school, and other friends to tend too as well. So I tend to only text and call when I want to set up a date. At least until we get closer. Plus texting tends to get me in trouble. I've always figured that there was a time without cell phones when people just had to wait and see each other and no other decent relationship in my life requires constant maintenance. What's everyone else's views on texting in between dates? And another question do you text your ex the same way you'd text a new person if you're giving a second chance?


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  • I get what you are saying but you have to text once in while to show that you care. And explain to your partner that you prefer one on one than texting. She understand if she likes you

    • Why? I don't worry if my friends care if they haven't texted me in a few days. I don't worry if my mom cares if I haven't heard from her in a week. My brother and niece know I care about them and I only see them only once every couple of weeks sometimes less.

    • am the same way my mom had to force me to get a cell, its life and things are changing

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  • So you don't talk to your partner at all in between dates? That seems a bit odd to me

    • Not a partner a new person

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  • If you only text to set up dates then I don't see a real relationship forming for you, sorry. I understand your reluctance to text unless necessary but if you don't talk then there's no way to build a relationship. Unless of course you're trying to stay single. As for your ex situation, I don't usually talk to my ex's at all, and treating them like a new person only suppresses the past that you had with them and it's not healthy. Hope this helps!

    • Well I don't consider texting talking as it's just words and very easy to miss the vast array of other visual and audio signals that communication what it is. And I don't mean zero texting just very little.

    • I guess the question was specifically about texting my ex but I wanted to keep the question general. We really do care about each other and there's been a ton of up and downs but I really do miss her I just don't want to blow up her phone texting her because apparently my old texting habits made me come off as needy.

    • I get your situation, believe me. But I don't think you should go back to a broken home. Start something new with someone else. And learn to control your texting.