Question for the girls: what can I wear paintballing so I don't get hurt?

My bf has been asking me for ages to try it with him, but I'm super paranoid of getting bruises, I'm kind of a wimp lol. What can I wear to be perfectly bruise free from head to toe? :)


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  • I've always wanted to go paintballing. I think they give you a vest, but I'm not sure. Many pants and hoodies.

    • I have snowboarding gear would that work? It's pretty padded and its black and green. Maybe hoodies and sweats under?

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    • As long as I don't die of heat lol :)

    • That, too. If ice packs fit under the clothes, then use them. Haha.

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  • Multiple layers. But realistically, you'll probably hide so much you won't even get shot if your side wins.


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