Help Please! Dating my sweetie for three month , not boyfriend & girlfriend yet. time to move on?

Dear all
I m dating this guy for almost three months now. I kind of feel we are exclusive even though none of us bring up boyfriend& girlfriend topic yet. We meet at least twice a week, He always the one ask and let me know his schedule. He pays for most of the time, bring me flowers and other sweet gift. Everything was good ( at least i thought ) until yesterday.
He wanted to stay over at my place night before July 4 then he tell me he will party with his friends see the fireworks. He told me but He didn't invite me join him the party.
Then i realize I never see any of his friends or go to his place. He has a relative temporary stay over at his , so from the beginning we always end up to my place. Before I did not make it a big deal but now I am.

So is this means We will never be serious, I may just a booty call?

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  • Time to go for it, don't let the relationship get weaker if it's very serious to you!
    Hopefully the reason for not asking you along was not related to you or to something he has to hide :-)
    You could even just tell him that you'd really have enjoyed to be there on his side, for the party. To see his reaction.
    But don't panic. Make a positive move!

    • Thanks for your answer , yes I have problem show my feelings and don't ask things directly. He ask if he can come over after his party , I was kind of upset and all my friends told me to move on so i did not reply his message instantly. he waited and text me two more times. feel like i m a drama queen : (

    • Gosh, text him back and explain him what you told me!
      If he likes you, he'll like you with your strong and weak points so he'll certainly understand it :-)

    • Thanks for most helpful! Hope this really helped you to sort it out with your loved one?

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  • I can't vote on this because neither one of you have made any sort of move. He might just be nervous about it and hiding his true feelings. Try making a move and see how he responds. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you so much for your advice , I were just thinking I did nothing for him. I actually barely text him or make a phone call or ask him out. Most of time , he ask to see me and always make the first move.
      and Even the days he was super busy non stop working , he still make effort to see me.
      Sorry it my first time get this far with a white guy. I get freak out easily

      Thank you so much

    • Its no problem, I'm happy to help

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