Does he like me back or are we just good friends?

Everyone says we make the perfect couple. We are really close. By that I mean, we like the same music, same video games, same favourite subject, colour etc ect. We both take part in the school production, so we are always with each other (we barely see each other in school as he is in the year above me) . When we stand next to eachother we act like we don't want to see the other person. My friends say I love him and his best friend has gone around saying we're going out. We call eachother almost every night for about 2 hours and sometimes more (Thursday night = 6 hours). He only ever sings around me, because he feels like he can be himself around me and knows I would never say anything to really upset him. He kicks me and pokes me and pushes me about playfully, and calls me his £20 prostitute, which doesn't really offend me so I let him.

The other night (Tuesday or Wednesday), we were texting and I asked if he was ok and he said no coz I hate him. I told him I didn't and he was like "either hate or love" and I said "love". He said "wait what" Anyway moved on and he is so how do you really feel and do you actually like me and said maybe, what about you. And he said maybe. Then I said "I do..." And he said "I do...".

Does he like me or are we close friends... Please leave an opinion on our friendship xx


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