How can I keep my relationship from breaking?

Well, my boyfriend and I were on and off for almost six years. Lately before like three months things were great but I messed it up with jealousy. Now we got back for a month and things were fine, but he is acting weird, he never been the kind of jealous guy. he asked me to delete some picx on Instagram and i did. then he knew that i talk to two of his cousins which it wasn't a secret I always told him but know he started listening and he got mad at me for that, he even blocked me on Facebook and Instagram for that. now I deleted them all but he says I DON'T CARE ANYMORE.
I'm always faithful to him and i didn't think he would make it a big deal, now he says he's done and he will meet a girl tonight and I told him why your saying this he's like so u know i moved on.. but i don't get it it doesn't seem like its over it seems like he's just mad :s

on Thursday my mom made a huge seen and he hates that so therefore he said all the things that he hates about me through all these years and i don't know what to do anymore anything i say he says i don't believe,, how come guys have this strong ways to turn up the fight and put all the blame on us? i mean seriously he acted like the victim while it is all his fault.

it hurts to know he loves me and that he gets jealous after it is kinda over,, do you think i should try with him to fix it? or just let it be because this is new he never been the guy who shows how he feels.. isn't jealousy a sign of love? i really think he is the one for me but now he's adding girls and i don't get it is it his way of forgetting about me? last week we were together and it was all good but the seen with mom and all this shit got him to say i'm done and you lost me? i forgave him cheating on me long time ago but he consider me joking around with his family betrayal ?

sorry made some mistakes while writing i'm just lost..


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  • Don't think so much.
    I really don't understand why douches like him deserves a really caring GF like you? :/

    My last GF cheated on me over her abusive ex, I always meet wrong girls.
    If I would you, I'd drop that person.

    Not only should you respect other people, but you should demand the same degree of respect for yourself. You should never put up with any kind disrespect from anyone, especially a person you are in love with. You will have a much better chance of keeping a guy interested in you if you stand up yourself, than if you allow him to walk all over you.

    • i don't think i'm capable of leaving him, i mean he sure can be an ass sometimes but most of the times he feels like home i know its weird to say this but when he's not around i'm always mad and hurt

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    • and i'm sorry for what happened to you, she's stupid to be honest, why get yourself in a relationship while you still love ur ex? thats stupidddd

    • It happens with everyone and it's perfectly normal actually.
      But like I said, you have to "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome" life's challenges to be successful in your life :)

      That girl also sent me a message after a month of no contact because she was feeling guilty and felt sorry about her actions but I haven't replied to her.

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  • look i think you, in your heart want to stay with him. Fine.. but jealousy isn't always a sign of love. Jealousy is usually about taking something someone else has that you don't. Lotta guys just bottle up that shit inside at the worst possible moment.
    but this guy that your writing about doesn't sound reliable... and doesn't know what he has. He's erratic really. I think he loves you... but your you, and he can't change that... and that bothers him. What you listen to him about is stupid... and he's bitching over something that isn't a big deal at all sort of controlling if you ask me. But ask yourself if he cares about your happiness in anyway? Doesn't seem like he does at all. Seems like he wants you to listen to him, and not to talk to the people he choices. that ain't love

    • but it is new for him to show those emotions, i even told him that i thought through all these years u dont give a sh*t about me and surprisingly he said if i don't i wouldn't keep coming back after all our fights. now i feel his revenge on me is playing around with girls since he blocked me everywhere i can't see what he's doing,, sometimes i feel like he's selfish and he doesn't care about my happiness :/

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    • and really who the fuck cares if you were talking to his cousins... something must've happend for the guy to be so defensive and angered by it... and doesn't tell you exactly why he doesn't like it O_o thats mixing signals for you... and thats only adding to the confusion. Not healthy just to take a week break... because then that turns into 2 weeks... then 2 and a half then 3. Guy wants to drop his problems too fast... no communication is happening there... things left unattended

    • you shouldn't have to deal with that in all seriousness

  • What I would do if you want to save your relationship is to look at it open minded: ask him what he would like you to change on yourself to make him feel more at ease with you.
    If he continues to be rude you could consider asking him brutally if he'd like you to leave. Perhaps this will wake him up.
    You're an example. Keep that in mind :-)

    • he said it himself, today i told him not to base our present on our past, and that i want to make him happy, all he said want me to be happy then stay away, i kept on asking for a chance to save it he said when i'm able to see u i will let u know

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    • Let me wish you courage! If you need a chat feel free to post me a message at any time.
      Hope you can sort it out :-)

    • thank you very much, i appreciate that. i hope so ,,,

  • you keep a relationship by actually wanting one and having desires for it, your frustrating him because you dont initiate anything and seems like you expect the guy to do everything which is not how things work and is always the biggest mistake girls always do to a guy which is going out with a guy for nothing (that revolves around sex and love of course)

    • i'm very passionate about it , i always try the best for it but the mom's part always freaks him out and he walks away from me because of it ;/

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    • Not really, it is a very safe environment but old woman they talk shit if they saw u with guys

    • dont listen to them, what you do in life is none of their buisness

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  • its better to end this relationship now itself

  • Break up with him. That relationship is not healthy. It's the only way

  • always talk to each other N trust each other

    • when we did it was all screaming and me crying he didn't even let me say what i needed to say,, i started trusting him but i don't know how to get him on the right path again

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    • he wouldn't be ok with it, i feel like this is his revenge for all my doubts, he said it himself i can get girls easily and i can have sex more than i can count but i chose you , now u lost me " i'm quoting him " ;/

    • Aw ok i don`t know what else to say just good luck

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