I don't get woman sometimes, they say we are a couple but doesn't do the part.. I'm so lost?

for my relationship, we started out as friends but we slowly evolved into something more.. when I first met her, we had no intentions of becoming more than an couple.. but as time went by, she started acting more personal.. for example, she spoon fed me during dinner and I did too.. we held hands... and what every said, action speaks louder than words.. and it did.. her actions spokes for itself.. we were friends, but we were more like an couple without an title..

this is the part I don't get, we were like this back and fourth for about 6 months... We would go out to dinner, drink and dance with each other.. our friend's even noted there was an spark between me and her.. but one night, she asked me if I saw her as more than an friend.. and I told her.. I do, I would like to be my girl.. then I asked her the same question, does she sees me more as a friend? she she yes to it too... we then kissed and ever since then.. we haven't seen each other since.. I wouldn't be think like this if she wasn't acting the way she was.. people say actions speaks louder than words.. and everything she does. it sure makes me thinks this way..

I had been there for her 110% but yet, she only gives 40 or 50% max..

what I don't get is why? you are my woman, but yet she talks the talk but doesn't do anything.. I'm doing what I can but nothing seems automatic.. with my past relationships, my woman does everything without me asking.. everything was automatic..

She talks about me in front of her girlfriends of how great I'm.. then why was I treated this way then? I honestly don't get it.. it baffles me..

and the same goes for my mate's past relationship.. he went above and beyond for his girl.. but his girl doesn't make him feel wanted.. she only does 40% but he gives 110%..

why is it they acted the way they are? I went above and beyond and this is what I get? people say you put in what you get.. then why?


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  • You need to find out if she is serious about your relationship. Both people need to put in the same amount, otherwise the relationship isn't going to work and you might as well try to find someone else


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  • This is what I feel, it is not necessarily be the truth. So what I feel is that when you two were friends she wanted you more than a friends and was wooing you and now that she have finally wooed you as her bf she have started taking you for granted
    Or she might just be adapting to to new relationship tag you have.

  • She has one foot out the door. Find someone who is invested in you as you are in them. Otherwise you won't be happy


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