Why did this girl get my friendzone signals wrong and tought that I wanted to get laid w. her?

so 1 girl I know from other friends seemed to like me well. she had a boyfriend but he told me he didn't want her anymore. long st. short I told her and she already knew he didn't want her anymore. the week after she seemed to text me for long time (5 hours). I asked her out for today but actually she has a friend (girl) that I wanted to date first and she would be my second choice (she doesn't know that). so I wanted to meet her so I can met her friend too but she started changing her whole personality and went negative. told me I shouldn't text her but her friends (few hours before she told me to ask a friend to come with me) and kept pushin me away.
Why I don't like that. I've lost 2 chances to get a girl that is worth a relationship.

now that you don't think I gave Fzone signals→ the day we texted a lot I asked her for her friend and that I want to give a good impression towards her friend and get her numba and was a little joking around aswell. I told her that I am there if she wants someone to talk to. why did I fail?


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  • You saying you wanted to make a good impression on her friend wasn't a good enough friend zoning 'tactic'. I would have assumed you wanted to make a good impression because you want to get along with my friends because you want her to like you because she's friends with ME.

    She is your 'girlfriend' afterall. You need to be honest with her and tell her you are dating her but are also dating other women. Or you should dump her if you really don't want to be with her. 'Signs' don't always work.

    • first I made q good impression on girl 1. I was just flirting with her friend (2) afterwards. I told 1 that her boyfriend don't want her and she told she knows that (she still don't want to believe it tho). I don't have the number of 2. That why I want to hang out with 1 cause 1 and 2 are good friends and I didn't want to scare 2 away. But somehow 1 got my message wrong and now that she has something against me I think it would come bad if I ask 1 for 2's number

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    • I think she did enjoy it. problem is the missing number of her.. but I think she wouldn't give it to me on the first time. I think she may not like rushing into things. ow she can take is as a joke aswell and that the counterpart of my safe flirting tecniques. well I want to commit with girl 2. she looks like a innocent girl and a hot wild western girl at the same time (if she weared a cowboy hat) haha.

    • I don't think her middle finger action was serious. I can only say that I might see her in the city within the next 10y if things don't went well

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  • So you asked the girl out, but then realized that you wanted to date her friend instead, so you made the first girl your 2nd choice?

    • no. I've met her friend before but I don't have the number of her friend to ask out. so I need to get out with her as she knows a nice amount of girls. I actually wanted to give her a break as she is still emotional down cuz of her ex bf and so I can go for her friend first who I liked aswell. but she is blocking me that

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    • hahahaha okay! haha

    • hope you got my joke

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