Ok.. so what makes us a relationship or marriage girl type material to a guy?

ok i know guys hate or complaining about this and that and say it doesn't make us relationship girls material coz of the certain things we do or how we are?

so, lets say if a girl has a good job, not on a dating site, good friends, family, doesn't smoke.. drink socially... go club, but maybe once in 2 weeks oops, no late or sex texting, no clinging from a guy, positive, no nude pics on FB...

what else is there: i travel, read, sunbath, go gym, socialize when i have free time, nice looking.. etc?

so is it enough? so what makes us girlfriend material?


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  • *I'd say a good roll-up of what guys would never admit to girls but talk amongst themselves:

    1. her sexual past (harsh truth: no guy wants to commit to the slut who gave it up to lots of guys for free)
    2. her youth, and how many years of youthful beauty she has left
    3. how is she going to treat you in a few years

    • Wow... so you picking girl by those three things?

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    • how many guys have u slept with

    • That's a personal question.. I told you I don't sleep with guys now and here.. if I see someone then yes. I won't go for a random night hook ups and no of this booty call nonsense.. that's nit gonna work with me!

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  • I'll give you a really short answer. Basically she has to be the exact opposite of a slut/whore.

    Now for the in-depth answer.
    She must be willing to be with one guy and be faithful to him no matter what. No amount of super-hot-sexy guys can persuade her otherwise. She will forever be true to her man. She must be able to take care of him and this category can broaden out to other sub-categories like cooking and cleaning and when they have children, she must be able to take care of the children. Yes I know it sounds cliche but these are the qualities that most if not all guys look for in a "wife material" girl. So basically there are three main things we want from a "wife material" girl. First she must be faithful, second she must be able to cook and clean and third but not least she must be able to take care of the children. There are many others but these are the three main ones.

    • well i can do first two... never had a kid as too young myself :)

  • If i truly love a girl for who she is then she is relationship and marriage material.
    If i don't then she is just a close friend to me.

  • Most of the things you mentioned are just so notmal because of the modern culture of no morals. The most significant aspect that you missed is the belief of the girl that marriage is not between 2 people but between 2 families. She should lnow how to respect the guy's extended family and how to live with a balanaced rlationship with all. Of course, this is mutual.

    • never been married... and i disagree.. as my ex boyfriends family was racist and i am not british, so they poisoned our life and we split up!

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    • I only found out this in a few years after being in a relationship with my ex. I never been married because we split up and a single...
      Most important if they accept you.

    • I'm sorry for what happened with you. I come from a culture where relationships outside marriage are pretty much unacceptable; living together is almost impossible. So when it comes to marriage, it is always a BIG gamble. But we leave no leaf unturned to make it work... forever.

  • Yeah the things you summed up could all be part of this.. Girlfriend material for me means essentially that the girl is loyal and can be trusted. Long term minded.

    • well... still no sign of bf?

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    • Yeah exactly, good luck to you!

    • thanks :)

  • Every man will have different views on this, honestly. I happen to be religious, so I looked for someone who shared my values and beliefs... someone who would make a good wife and mother, who believes that marriage is a life-long commitment. Luckily for me, I found her, but it was by pure chance (or fate) on a religious dating site. For me, it was who she was on the inside that made me fall head over heels for her, although she is very pretty as well.

    • "i believe that i don't have to put effort to go especially find someone.. if a guy likes me he needs to ask me out... "

      For what it's worth, my girlfriend messaged me first after randomly seeing me on the homepage under new profiles. Sometimes, you might just have to make the first move if none of the guys are doing so.

    • ok you and you gf might have been in a different situation.. after dating that long i am in a line of my life where i tied up with work, i have weekend for myself to enjoy.. it's like with babies.. when you decide to have one you are 50.. so same for me i am not looking for a guy: i have no time and strength... i will make the first move if i see a guy worth dating if there is a right situation to make a move!

      but i think with me he needs to show me interest first and perhaps even approach!

  • Sounds good to me. For me a girlfriend material is a woman that knows what she wants, have fun, educated, is not flirty with everyone, has confidence, etc

    • i still don't have a bf? hahah

    • That doesn't mean is something wrong with you. I'm a "nice" guy my friends tells me I'm handsome, university grad, now pursuing medicine school and still single. Nothing wrong about it just enjoy it while you have it

    • haahaaha i hope so.. till someone comes :)..

  • It is not what you do, it is who you are. How you behave towards other people.

    Are you caring?
    Are you nurturing?
    Do you put the needs of others above your own? (That makes you instant marriage material)

    Let me pick your example apart:
    good job //not necessary, you should stay at home with the kids the first 3 years, they need their mother.
    Not on a dating site // That really doesn't matter, it is not good or bad.
    good friends // That is a plus, but your children and husband should always come first.
    family //Your future husband and children will be your family Let me tell you my rules:
    My order is this:
    Children>Wife> Parents> Siblings> Other Family> Friends> The rest of the world.
    My wife should have the same order.
    doesn't smoke //That is good, keep it that way
    drink socially //Depends on the amount and how often
    go club //Party girls don't make good mothers, they are fuck and forget
    no late or sex texting //good
    no clinging from a guy //It is okay for the girl to cling a little bit.
    no nude pics on FB //very good
    i travel //how often, that is not a motherly quality
    read //Can be good or bad I hope it is not Twilight
    sunbath //skincancer danger
    go gym //very good, keeps the sex life alive
    socialize when i have free time //Hopefully not with too many random guys…
    nice looking //good, but looks make you sex bait, don't get me wrong, that is important, but if you are not a good person it doesn't matter.

    • you can never win with you guys you will analize every bit.. that's why so many nice girls are single.. i need a job.. am only 24.. have no kids etc.. when a guy comes and i have a kid maybe i won't need a job.. but for now i have to occupy myself and enjoy!.. i won't be 25 in 5 years and hopefully single!

    • i dont wanna be a boring one.. also some comments is not relevant as i don't have kids as there is no guy to have it with... i will put my kid and husband first when he (guy) worth it... for now I take each day as it comes and live like a 25 year old girl should

  • If you were platonic with the majority of your sexual partners, then that is a red flag for us relationship minded guys.

    • You less casual your approach to sex, the better

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    • Your good

    • and cleaning too... coz am good. just not the right guy around me :(

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