Which sex has it worst, unattractive girls or unattractive guys when it comes to dating and getting sex? This is just comparing looks & looks only?

This is not taking into consideration other things that unattractive guys have like status, position, power, money, influence, disposition, game (what they say to them), personality or anything else besides looks.


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  • How many fucking questions, have been made about this fucking same thing in these past 2 fucking days. Give it a rest.

    • This is my first time. How many times will you use the f word. If you say as much as I won't maybe that would be the same answer to your question from the person that is asking it more than once.

    • *want

    • I purposely said the f word as many times I've seen this question on a different form only yesterday. Not to even mention other days. The point is not how many yimes each asks the question but the fact that this has been asked here multiple time in these past days and yet someone decides to do more

  • IMO..., a very unattractive girl can get someone to have sex with her, but it may be harder for her to find a man to look beyond that to see what she can offer him... making if difficult to date. On the other hand, an unattractive guy might not be able to get a girl to just have sex with him without a relationship, but can be datable (leading to sex) if he's funny, has a good job, etc... so more datable.

    • I get your point. I was kinda of referring to when you don't consider things like being funny, having a good job or things other than looks.

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    • That may be a little redundant to what I just said the first time.

    • And to add... ugly girls may put out easier because it makes them feel attractive.

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