I gave in

So my ex & I had a big argument on July 3. I was so sad, so I didn't call him for 10 days (he counted). He did text me the following tues. to see how my 4th went. I wanted to argue, but I didn't & just told him it was fine by text. Then today I gave in & I called him. I just missed him so much. He said he missed me & was thinking about me, which drove him crazy. It felt good to hear that he was feeling the same way as me. He just felt that he shouldn't call me because he wasn't sure if I was trying to move on. I am, but I'm just not ready to have him out of my life. he wants to see me, but I had to work & so I said maybe sometime this week.

The point is should I hang out with him this week? His birthday is this sat.


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  • Um, clearly you should. Lol, don't be dumb.. call him up and go out somewhere ASAP!

    • Well, he did just break up with me a month ago. You think I should still go? I don't know. I think we just miss each others company. I don't want to get hurt all over again.

    • You kinda failed to mention that he broke up with you lol. But regardless, go see him. Something may work out, you never know.

    • Thanks.

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  • yes if he ask you to. just be yourself and be happy .