What draws the line between best friend and girlfriend?

so i have my best guy friend who i actually like very much and he has liked me for a very long time as well... we started going on dates for these past few months and just barely started to kiss and stuff along those lines and he had even asked me to be his girlfriend a few times and i always told him im not sure yet (because hed always change his mind!) a week ago we almost had sex and a couple days after he tells me we should stop seeing eachother that he doesn't want anything serious at this time because of his work (hes getting manager trained and all that good stuff) and like I don't know he tells me i am his very best friend and that im the sweetest nicest girl he's ever met and he doesn't wanna hurt me but he also now tells me how he wants me so much sexually so... if he's attracted to me sexually and he thinks im pretty and his best friend why aren't we boyfriend and girlfriend? i really want to be with him because i feel like i may actually even kinda live him I've known him for many years and ugh lol its heart breaking that i can't fully give him like my love because of the fact that we have to stay friends... he has to have some kind of feelings for me right? not too long ago before all this current mess he told me that he wanted us to be friends because it was the only way he could make sure wed stay together because he wants to be with me for a long time? is that the truth or total bull? i really can't tell... we text eachother everyday when we get the chance since we both work and hang out only sometimes but we still don't act like friends... we flirt and talk about anything and uhhhh i feel so much feelings for him I don't know why we just can't be togetherrrr lol what do you think is wrooong?


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  • He does like you. He's just not in the position to maintain and take care of a relationship right now. Relationships aren't about just being together because you like each other. Its about being able to have time to make time to keep the relationship going. It's like taking care of a flower so it'll stay alive.

    And what he said was true, about being friends to have you for a long time. Some times when we date friends and then breakup, it ruins the friendship and you aren't able to start over again. Thats what he means. When he said that, he was scare that if you guys start relationship then he'll lose you forever if you break up.

    • thanks yea that makes a lot of sense I don't know
      when you say this it sounds like the obvious answer lol i guess that means i have to wait and see where it goes between us

    • Yes! Give it a little time.

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  • Wait. Your profile is a guy

    • lol i borrowing my friends account i have been XD for awhile

    • Well it sounds like he has relationship/trust/commitment issues. If you really want a relationship with this guy then you will work it out.

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  • best friend is platonic gf is romantic.