Anyone know of a good people search with background checks and all that?

It can be paid or free. I just want a site that's legit.

Why do I date him? Because he's a nice person, I love him and he wants the best for me. My friends love him and his friends have said he's a great guy. That I'll be safe with him.


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  • If you are really good friends with someone in law enforcement ask them to run an NCIC check on the guy.

    • No I'm not good friends with anyone in law enforcement.

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    • Did a search on his family and there's nothing that shows criminal records or arrest records. So my sister's friend is a liar. Spreading rumors around about him and his family.

    • Well I asked my cousin and this is what he said,"Hey, sounds like a tricky situation. Unfortunately I can't run backgrounds or history checks for personal matters. Its against state law. U can hire personal investigators to do that stuff but they're also limited to what they can do."

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  • A real good site or company might interfere with privacy laws.
    Thus even 'good sites' will be incomplete.
    Banks, doctors, insurance companies and gun dealers have access to more information than the general public.
    I don't know if Dun& Bradstreet or companies like that are accessible to the public but they check mainly credit records, business dealings.
    Phone calls between professionals do happen in many trades of course.
    A Human Relations Dept of a company will pick up the phone to call the HRD of the previous employer.
    Doctors or pharmacies will contact each other.

    Real good background checks aren't that easy. (but they can save companies lots of money)

    • Needless to say that IF your banker concedes to ask information from another bank for you he'll be bound by professional secrecy laws and will give you a very limited version of what he heard, without much details. (yes, even Swiss bankers do talk)

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    • Indeed, that was to be expected.

    • It's like religion: the non existence of something undefined can't be proven. Once it's clearly defined it becomes easier. In this case, when they give you the date and place of the conviction.

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