IS HE A GOOD GUY TO DATE? what should I do? I need good advice?

So, i just met this guy on a dating site... i met him 2 days ago.
We started talking and we knew instantly we were meant. so he gave me his phone number. We started texting. He came accrossed really cocky, but once he called over the phone.. he was very sweet and sounded like he uses logic pretty nicely. So, he decided to ask me for my Facebook. so we aded each other. Typically you ad someone on fb and you start looking through it. So, i unlock the privacy settings of a pic of this guy from like 2012 that i took for him. obviously, he saw the pic and send me a text saying A dudes picture, Nice..."
I did not reply and then he sent me another text asking to be honest and tel him if i was dating another guy. so i said no.
Today he texted me early saying "hey beautiful". i asked if he was a jealous guy. he replying saying that he wasn't and he had only asked me about that guy he was curious. I started to notice his attitude racing and of course i reply back saying that his nose was growing and just to let him know he is a friend. he replied back saying that "he was just curious and that was it and that i could go out to date other guys i wanted because he doesn't care" i took like 10 minutes to reply because i didn't want to get back at him worst. so i said im sorry for upsetting you i was being playful. he hasn't replied back and he hasn't deleted me from fb neither. I guess he is waiting to cool down. Idk. so i don't know if he will talk to me again, but i feel guilty of hurting him. i wonder if i should write hims little message as of how i feel? Not necessarily to get him to talk to me... just so that he knows that im sorry. But if he does talk to me again Would it be a good idea to get him?
plps help advise !!!

Thank you so much!!!
Comes out he is psycho & crazy!!
so I told him not to talk to me anymore


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  • He does seem like a good guy from what i've been told. Next time (hopefully there will be a next time) don't play games. Tell him you are single and interested. There is no "jealous type". If you have feelings for somebody, and they are seeing (or seem like they're seeing) somebody else, you will feel jealousy. Its only natural!

    • its funny how us woman overthink stuff. Should i message him explaining things?

    • Yes. Message him A. S. A. P.!

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  • I guess I'm not clear about how exactly you "hurt him"? He sees a guy on your fb that you tell him is just a friend. You guys (the guy you supposedly "hurt") have basically just met. You're not in any kind of relationship with him yet, and he comes across with attitude about a pic of a guy friend from a couple years back. What do you have to be sorry about?

  • Yeah if the guy sounds nice and stuff on the phone, etc.. Fuck texting/chatting just meet up with him then you will see how a person truly is and get to know him, no point to over think this texting.

  • I'm interested in seeing the answers to this question.


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