Does ignoring her (who I like) work? Well?

Well I've given her all the attention i been like leech on her
for like 3 weeks trying to get her out trying to talk her
in Facebook but now its been 7 days i haven't talked
with her she haven't talked with me tho well
there's some attraction at least i think so
but its getting so hard i been checking her Facebook
more than 20 times at least if more and im
like drug addict right now who wants his drugs.


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  • It doesn't seem to me like she is interested at all. Ignoring her will probably not work to give you what you want, nothing will work to force feelings. Stalking will scare her away for sure.

    Find something to distact yourself. And I mean really really distract. Stay away from internet if necessary. Things will get easier at some point. And stop hoping there is some attraction when all signs speak a different language. Things are mostly as they look. Accept it for yourself

    If she is interested in you in any way she will get back to you. If not it is not worth it anyway.

    • Well thats what im doing trying to find out if there's something and
      well by attraction i didint mean she is crazy about me running off all
      what she is doing to talk with me well she has her life aswell..
      and he own things u know but i know there's something cause
      I've been there done that u know?

      what u could not do with person who is not intrested about you well she would
      hit me so hard if she wasn't intrested.

    • Well I am speaking from own experience - and I was on both sides of this. I would not let a guy who I am interested in feel ignored and not message him for many days if he stopped messaging. Also I was in a similar position as you and I know how it hurts and how it makes you feel bad but you can't help doing it anyway. And it turned out that the guy was in fact not interested. I just chose not to notice clear indications. Learned from that...
      That you were like a leech to her for 3 weeks is not good news (I am sorry if it sounds harsh but sometimes the truth is what we need). Imagine what you would think of a girl who is all over the place and easily available all the time and doesn't leave you any air to breath?
      You have the right feeling about not messaging her, I think. Being too available and always waiting for a little attention is not a good position to be in. And not especially attractive either.
      What you need now is a strong distraction.
      Good luck, you'll be fine! :)

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  • She's either not interested or she just wants to you to chase her like a dog, neither of which I think are good positions for you to be in.

    • Yeah i know that but its not that plain and simple,

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    • Well life ain't so plain and simple when ur inside it all trying to understand
      whats happening around you everyone could tell me to run fast as i can
      from her and well it could be the answer but? Its harder to
      do it than to say it.

    • Yes but you also have to realize that its harder to see on the outside than it is on the inside.

  • She may be interested, but a week with absolutely no communication after three weeks of constant talking is leaning more on the side of she simply isn't as interested as you thought, or perhaps someone else got her attention. I would talk to her first if it's that important she remains in contact with you.

  • Well get your fix.. message her

    • If i do that im going to be only her lap dog and and im not going to take it.

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    • Wow... you've decided a lot. . What's gonna happen if she notice the distance and then call you on it..

    • You're gonna miss her friend ship? But if you think it's best then I wish you luck

  • No, she probably thinks you don't even like her.

  • No it doesn't work. She may be uninterested in you and may find you a bit creepy.


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  • 1. Ignoring my friend is an art in such cases :)
    2. If the girl isn't interested in you, you can still get her to miss you ;)
    3. Can't really answer for all that out here as it's a case to case thing and it's got to be natural and impromptu - pointers and tips never work since if there's a different reaction at that point, you need to act :)
    4. You are getting into the obsessed area, back off and cool down before you embark on anything again :)

  • Calm DOWN MAN! Find some hobbies or something. You sound like a stalker-in-training!

    • Sometimes i think i am like dog who wants that bone so badly and it always does end
      badly for the dog.

    • You need some hobbies badly, man.

  • 2 possible outcomes to this.

    1. She is interested but is the typical shy girl. she's been taught by her parents and women in her life that a guy must do "everything" when it comes to courtship and relationship.

    2. She is not interested and is leading you on. If this is the case, don't be surprised that you'll have an heartache when she puts her relationship status to in a relationship with a douche.

  • It will only work if she likes you and has a high interest level in you.

  • You are on your way to be friendzoned. If that...
    "I have to fix myself first" is the oldest excuse - act all mysterious while in reality it just means "I am not attracted to you in that way but I kind of want to keep you around just in case I feel lonely and need a guy around to feel better".
    She told you she wants to be with someone else, what else do you need to hear? No matter how much attention you give her and how nice you are to her, it won't make her want you as more than just a friend.
    Wake up man and stop wasting your time. Find a girl who will appreciate you, there are plenty out there. If this one wants you let her make some effort for you, you did enough.

    • After having read what you wrote, here's what I think you should do: stop making yourself crazy, tell her that you really like her and that you would like to be with her.
      Then there are only 2 possibilities: either she feels the same or she doesn't.
      If she doesn't want to be more than friends with you, all that talk about she's confused, she needs time to fix herself, and you are so good and she should want to be with you but she can't right now and blah blah is meaningless - she is not interested. Then explain to her that it is too hard for you to be just her friends right now and you need time away, distance yourself from her, move on and decide later (when you are over her) if you want to be friends or not.