Anyone have creative first date ideas?

both of us are pretty shy so I don't want to do like coffee or lunch where there's lots of opportunity for awkward silences haha - a movie is kinda boring... I don't know anyone have any creative cute fun ideas?


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  • My first thought was a picnic, bring out a blanket look at the stars/sky.
    Try going to an aquariam, rock climbing, bowling, amusement park.
    Those are the ones i thought of, hope it helped.

    • ou blanket under the stars.. that's a nice idea :) and yea an amusement park would be great! except we both don't have cars and our bus system doesn't go to it:/ ah well thanks for the idea!!

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  • I say go to a local concert (nothing that'll cost a fortune) if you're looking for a date that won't force you to talk a lot. Checking out up and coming artist is always fun, plus music is always a fantastic conversation starter.

  • Mini golf?


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  • Hey! (: To be honest, I think that even though you're both a little shy, it'd be good for you two to get a little out of your comfort zone. Anyway, that being said, here are my suggestions :
    - as mentioned before, you both can go on a picnic.
    - art exhibit
    - roller skating/ice skating
    - hiking
    - theater
    - mini-golfing
    - horse-riding
    - concert
    - go sight-seeing
    Well, anyway, best of luck & God Bless!

  • 1 bungee jumping
    2 mini golf
    3 dance party at one of your houses
    4 confess or stress
    5 darts
    6 watch a boy meets world marathon
    7 carnival
    8 trapeze
    9 karaoke
    10 amusement park

    • out of curiosity what is confess or stress?

    • Confess or stress is a more teen version of truth or dare if you roll an even number you have to confess something em arising if you get and odd number you dare them to do something stressful