Need Help On Family & Crush Problems?

Ok Well I Like This Girl She's Almost 13 I'm Almost 15 And Her Friends Walked By And Walked Back And Stared At Me I don't know But Um My Uncle Was Holding My Old Crushes Hand A Few Weeks Ago He's 25 She's 14 And When I Told Him About It He Just Stays Silent What Can I Do To Make Sure He Doesn't Go After This One Cuz I Like Her a lot And by the way He Has A Fiance


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  • Maybe your crush who's almost 13 told her friends that she likes you? But it's probably nothing so don't think too much about it. Well, he would be cheating if something is going to happen with the 14 year old and she's underage and that's just wrong both ways. You should ask him what he's doing.

    • I did and my familys from a gang so they said if I snitch on him I'll get jumped and not a fair one they will hold me

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