How do I meet decent girls? Tired of slutty chicks tbh.

I'm not posting this to bitch, I really would like some logistical advice:

How could I meet a good, decent girl that's worth dating? I've tried salsa dancing, going to coffee shops, hitting up online dating... no luck.

Any thoughts on possible places I could go?


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  • Well you have tried alot. Now stop doing that! When we desperately try to do something it just seems next to impossible. What I say is go down to your dance classes or coffee shop to enjoy the time. You'll find decent girl when it's right time.
    Sorry, but I firmly believe in luck and destiny.
    All d best anyways:)

    • I don't believe in destiny or luck but I think subconsciously we communicate things we don't mean to, so I think you may be right... something for me to think about.

      thank you :)

    • Anyday. Happy to help.:)
      And be positive, we tend to be practical and go by what our brain tells us. Just listen to what your heart says...
      All d best. :)

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  • The gym? Other hobbies you may have? Meeting people at places you are a regular is your best bet. It can be a coffee shop or a restaurant but if you show up long enough often enough you meet people and they introduce you to people etc. I'm a "good girl" as you say and I don't really go out to bars or clubs I hit up the gym, then I go out to dinner with friends or get coffee , go running etc. I've met most guys at my gym, and they introduced me to their friends etc.

  • I've heard from many guys in their late teens and twenties that so many girls are sluts and they can't find a nice girl! Crazy... I am sure it was that way to a degree when I was in my twenties but not like this. Why I wonder? Nice girls are like nice guys - you won't appreciate them until you have gotten the "bad boy/bad girl" syndrome out of your system. Don't make it your mission to find a nice girl - continue with your life and when the timing is right, you will find her. You may meet her in the most unlikely place and time. You attract what you are, so if you continue being a nice guy yourself, you will act as a magnet for a nice girl. they are out there, trust me:)

    • idk, I've always wanted a "nice girl", just can't find 1. I've met plenty of slutty girls who try to front as good girls, though.

      a key point though... the last thing i want is a slutty girl who's trying to reform as a nice girl. I want a girl who's emotionally and morally so decent that she's never been any other way.

  • Well, I don't have much experience in dating, but I am a decent girl so I can pretty much guess where decent girls would go typically. How about the library or a bookstore? Or maybe you could volunteer somewhere, you would probably meet someone nice depending where you volunteered. You could take a a class that you are interested in, not necessarily in school, but it could be. For example, art classes (but don't pick something that's not your thing). The only other place I can think of is church, not that decent girls are only found there, just that you are likely to run into some if you go, but don't do that either if it's not your thing. Sometimes decent girls are the shy ones, so you have to keep your eyes open wide to find them. They like to hang around in the background and don't draw attention to themselves.

  • Those girls you're looking for are most times at home lol.

    Try public transportation

    • sounds ghetto.

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    • Public Transportation is a really bad way to find someone to date!

    • ya... that's like how you buy crack not find love.

  • Beats me. Unfortunately most of the girls I know are sluts.

    • What classifies them as sluts? Just curious.

    • no emotional interiority worth getting close to

      or, to be less verbose, has had a platoon of cocks invade her cunt

    • They only care about sex. Getting sex, using sex to get what they want, dressing provocatively, that sort of thing.

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  • You seem to live in an area full of slutty women. Plus around your age, a lot of women are fooling around and not looking for a serious relationship, instead looking to have a good time.

    Look elsewhere. Girls from small towns tend to be better behaved, because of the involvement of the community. City girls... not so much!

    • I had reverse experience.

      Small towns, wasn't anything to so but drink and have sex.

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    • Uh wish it were true but my ''small town'' cousins ended up being hookers and junkies. None of us out here in NYC ever even thought about such things.

    • Dudette, NYC is full of sluts! Seriously, I can't believe you said that. I go there every year too.