Is it okay to put your job before your significant other?

Is it ever okay to put school/work before your significant other?

My girlfriend and I decided to take a brief break from our relationship to figure out if this is what we really wanted. One of the main reasons we were arguing so much is because she feels that I don't spend enough time with her even though I spend nearly every second of my free time with her. I've been doing everything I can to show her that I'm committed to our relationship, and she said that the only thing holding her back from ending the break is my busy schedule. I'm currently in university and have a part time job which obviously takes up a lot of time. She wants me to quit my job since I come from a pretty well off family and don't "need" it. However, I'm not working just to earn money but rather because I genuinely enjoy my job and it makes me feel independent. I've already sacrificed a lot to be with her (I use to be in a band but quit because she didn't like the constant traveling). We've been together for almost two years and I would hate to let that all go down the drain, but should I really have to quit my job?

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  • There is no right or wrong to it. It only matters what works for you guys. It sounds like you are putting in some pretty long hours, which is not acceptable to a lot of women. This is just something that is part of compatibility, but there is no right or wrong. Whether jobs and careers are more important than a relationship is strictly a matter of priorities.

    But there is nothing abnormal about the way she feels. It's pretty common. I've worked at a lot of engineering start up companies where people work pretty long hours. It definitely cause a lot of tension in relationships.


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  • Its okay to put your job before your significant other because "love" doesn't pay the bills. I don't mean to sound cynical, but its true. The only time you need to consider your work method is if Its effecting your marriage, but if you don't have a Wife then I don't think it matters.

  • It sounds like she simply doesn't do enough. College + part-time job is normal. She needs to get a hobby or something.

    • I've been thinking the same thing. If she had something that she was passionate about, she wouldn't always be so worried about what I'm doing.

    • Exactly dude. You have seen the light. La luz!

  • Sounds like she's being really unfair. You've already given up music for her and now she wants you to give up your job. And just because you're from a family with money doesn't mean that you should just be a leech that lives off of your parents. It's really awesome that you have that kind of worth ethic! Stick to your guns and keep your job, she needs to make some sacrifices for the relationship too.

    • Exactly, music is one of my biggest passions and I loved being in a band... but I was willing to give it up because I love her. It's starting to seem like I'm the only one willing to give a little.

  • I put my job before my bf when I have to. My job is more important. I Can't survive without a job. A good partner understands that and doesn't bitch about it


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