Is college a good place to meet guys and a potential good boyfriend?

In about a month I will start my classes at the university. I'm excited to start this new part of my life. I'm ready to just simply learn and finish my degree but I can't lie I'm also excited about meeting new people from all walks of life. A few times it has crossed my mind that I could possibly meet great guys at school too. I thought it would be great to meet my true love at school ha ha. Is college a good place to meet guys and a potential boyfriend? What are the odds that I will meet a guy?


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  • yea... but so many dudes have that mentality of getting laid with hot college girls syndrome. But its good because you can at least meet dudes that know what they want to do with their lives, are getting educated, getting ready with their careers to go out in the world. Most are probably much smarter than they were in high school.
    the odds are mostly good, despite more girls on college campuses than men.

    • oh and yea... the dudes that consistently hang out in packs in the mess hall.. or in some waiting area with their "boys"
      -_- stay away from those guys

    • Whats wrong with guys that do that? Are they players or something?

    • lol could be. I mean i first went to a community college and those guys were the worst. It was almost like they never left, just pointed at girls "lemme get dem digits" and just had a staring problem lol

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  • It can be... I mean... There are loads of dudes on campus. It helps if you socialize with different groups, get involved with school spirit activities. Idk, I mainly stayed within my major so... I had no luck.

    • Yea, i wanted to maybe g\join some type of activities =) like dance maybe.

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