Do White, Multiracial, Exotic and Foreign guys like Black women and exotic multiracial Black women?

I notice that Exotic, Multiracial and White guys or guys in general don't approach me. Most guys who approach me are bum type of guys who have nothing to loose. But the guys that I'm attracted to never approach me or ask me out. I feel like If I don't talk to them first then they will probably never talk to me. I'm not a bad looking girl. I think I'm very beautiful and people like my friends and older people often tell me how beautiful I am. I have a natural beauty and I have a really nice figure. I'm also a nice person with a great personality. I consider myself African American but I have an exotic look since my family is multicultural. Are guys intimidated to talk to beautiful women regardless of race? And do White, Exotic and Foreign guys like Black women?


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  • Im an exotic type living in a predominantly white city in western Canada. I noticed this when I moved here in grade 11. There are sooo many beautiful exotic women who were just ignored. Why? I can't say, Im not white. Maybe they assume your not into what they have to offer? They often need encouragement it seems. If I didn't go out of my way to talk to the locals Id be spending most of my time alone. None of them would take that first step. The ones that did are often not the ones you're looking for as you know well lol. Its unfortunate but its often the reality of certain locations.

    I learned to say Fuck it and just went for it. That being said Im a guy and that's expected of us. I find it goes the same way at a new place of work. If I dont make that first step most people born and raised here will never make that step themself.

    It can make you stronger or more insecure. All up to you.

    Best of luck!

    • Yea I often feel like I'm ignored as well. It made me feel like something might have been wrong with me. Guys of any race don't approach me. It just sucks because I'm smart, kind and a decent person. And I also look nice which is a plu lol but it seems like I'm everyone's last choice.

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    • But I don't look intimidating at all lol unless my beauty is intimidating.

    • Its not how you look, its your energy. Beautiful woman can be the most intimidating to approach! Nothing will make you act like a fool faster than a gorgeous woman lol

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  • Guys are not "intimidated" by women of different races. They're either not interested or they assume the girl is not interested. I've seen some cute Muslim girls on campus, for example, but I refrain from approaching them or asking them out because, when they wear a hijab, I assume that white atheists aren't their cup of tea.

  • I like women that are open to all races including their own.


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