Do you think I am being unreasonable?

I'm feeling really down about everything and this guy I've been seeing, I really like him and he has told me he loves me. But he is younger than me and he is at that age where he probably wants to "play the field." He said he doesn't want too but I don't know he goes out clubbing quite often. And I know he went out last night and it showed he became friends with some girl. I clicked on her profile and it showed she went to the same event as him. So which has made me think he met her at the club and they hooked up. I don't want to share him with anyone else :(, I know we are both still single but still. He messaged me back late too and said he needs to charge his phone more, I feel like he's lying and just didn't want to reply to me while he was out. He asked me how my night was and I replied and asked him how his was, I feel like saying did u meet any girls? That would be unreasonable though wouldn't it? And I guess he can easily say no. But I'll just wonder who that girl is :(.

It just makes me feel like when he says he loves me, it's just a lie. That he is telling me what I want to hear and if you actually love someone then you wouldn't hook up with anyone else would you?:/. What do I do? I'm an insecure person and I'm feeling really down, I'm never enough for anyone and he probably already found someone new.

Oh well there's another girl he is now friends with on Facebook, who also went to the same club. He either hooked up with both girls or met them through a friend, who knows, but either way I feel like shit.


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  • Now hold up, your not making yourself miserable! Your feeling worried Because you really love this guy. Now don't read this if you want to know my honest input. I'm a firm believer in telling people the truth haha. So I just went through this for eight months but the roles were reversed. He is at that age where he wants to go out and have fun. And you need to confront him about it. But it's hard Becuase you want to put all of your trust in them bit it's hard to Becuase your not sure what they're up to. If you really do trust this guy and don't have that gut feeling in your stomach it will be all good. But if you do then you need to act fast. I'm not sure what you need to do Because this is how I lost my ex. But I know if you try and hold them back from doing this of guilt trip them they will have enough and leave you. They don't want to feel like there tied down always telling you what they're up to.

    If you have some time answer my question please :) it's pretty much along the same lines


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  • You don't even know that he cheated. You are making yourself miserable over something that happened in your head. Talk to him. Don't always assume the worst.

    • We aren't official though so I guess it's technically not cheating but it would still make me feel like shit. At the same time I don't want to say anything because it might look like I'm more interested in him so then it's like he has power over me and as if he's going to say, " yeah I kissed another girl".

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    • Alright stay in your head.

    • I made a joke to him saying how many girls did u hook up with and he hasn't replied, yet he has been online on Facebook and has now added 3 girls. Don't know what to think

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  • Why aren't y'all going clubbing together? I could be wrong i think most guys go "clubbing" to meet girls.

    • Last time I was out and he was out, we were at different clubs and he ended up coming to the club I was at. But this time he didn't invite me out.. yeh I feel like most guys do go clubbing to meet girls, I know they enjoy having a good time when going out but that's what it feels like