Sex. About ex and other fun things. thanks?

Now that I got your attention, I broke up with a guy because it wasn't working out and someone was going I have to end it eventually. I miss him, he spoke to his friends and told them I was crazy and a bitch. He avoids me. Could he have feelings for me still? How would I know?


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  • Please answer my question after because I'm going through the exact same thing right now except I'm the guy haha.

    So this is what's what you ex boyfriends mind is going through right now. I'm guessing he deleted you off of everything and wants nothing to do with you again. He has gone into NC, he's trying to avoid you Because you broke up with him. He's waiting for you to show him that you really really really want him back. But now he's probably wondering if he wants to take you back Because he's afraid that if you do this might happen all over again. Get in contact with him, tell him what you truly mean to him. He would love this trust me. He still cares about you and this is the hardest thing to do from him right now is ignore you. But also take some time for yourself what you really want. Really think this through. He needs to learn how to trust you again. Because he's thinking once you broke up with him all is lost and you have to really show him that this won't happen again

    • I'm afraid that if I do show him that I really miss him that he'll just reject and make fun of me. He's a guy that doesn't really show much emotion. Iv broken his heart and I feel really bad an wish I didn't hurt him the way I did

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  • uh what Sex? No feelings left. You would know cause he called you a bitch and is avoiding you. That was simple,. not quit being a bitch.

  • Leave it alone. He's already told people that you're crazy, and you chasing after him will only make you look worse.


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