Can you have feelings for someone even if you don't want to date them?

If you're not looking for a relationship for whatever reason, are you still capable of developing feelings for someone?

Also, if you know you're not looking for a relationship, can you prevent yourself from having strong feelings for someone?


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  • Yes of course its possible to feel things for someone u don't intend to date. I'm going through this now. Neither of us are single an she doesn't know I'm into her.

    I'm in the process of not trying to feel so sexually attracted to her. It all started April 2014 lol. I see her all the time she's been in 2 of dreams already an before I met her I never had dreams not even of my girl I used to wish to have dreams.

    • Is sexual attraction the same thing as having feelings? I once asked a guy if he had feelings for me and his answer was "of course I have feelings for you. Wtf? I'm obviously physically attracted to you. I don't know why you need confirmation on that."

    • Yea that's pretty retarded for him to say that lol. I guess u had to be more specific cause he was probably thinking u want to date him so if u contact him just say what I mean by feeling things is that I'm sexually attracted as in I want sex not a relationship u get it now? Got anything to say something else other than of course I have feelings for u too

    • Well I didn't want to date him but I did have feelings for him. I'm confused by his answer

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  • You can definitely have feelings for someone while not looking for a relationship. But the only way to stop those feelings is not talking to them forever, because if you resume contact after a month or so you'll have missed them so much you will value the time you talk even more.
    -Hope this helps :)

  • if i want a girl ill have feelings for her and ill want her, plain and simple

    • What? Wanting a girl could mean a million different things

    • yes but what im referring to here is wanting a girl for love and sex

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