My boyfriend and I have not been seperated in our whole 4 month relationship?

we have not been seperated in our whole 4 month relationship. I didn't really miss him at first... I sort of felt like a vacation was under my belt. now I am on the 5th day and I am lonley. so now I am starting to miss him like crazy. but the thing is am I really just lonly or do I really just miss him?

I know this is kinda crazy to ask but see... he has fell deeply in love with me and I know he loves me. He fell very quick and hard. so it has taken some time for me to actually start and give thoes feelings back. so that is why I am so stuck... Is is because I am now realizing that I really do love him or is it because I just hate being alone?


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  • Do something fun for a while with friends. If you think of him during the activity, you miss him, even though you're not lonely. If you don't think of him until you're by yourself, you don't really miss him, but you are really lonely.