Which guy should I choose? What should I do?

My boyfriend keeps telling me he's falling for me. He always says how strong his feelings are. He's my age. My family lives him. He became friends with my brother and my mom and dad think he's a great guy. But when we're alone he fight over stupid little things he doesn't show me any appreciation and all he wants to do is argue. He says it's for the make up sex which I think is stupid.

My old boss from the job I recently quit flirts with me all the time and is clearly jealous of my boyfriend having me. He says he could be better for me. And my boyfriend doesn't deserve me and shows me how he really cares for me. He's a bit older though and I know my family wouldn't approve. But he's always so sweet to me and caring and all. The only problem is he's clearly scared to admit his feelings for me or make a move. And I'm not sure why but I can tell the feeling is there.

What do I do? Who do I choose?

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  • I can see awkardness. Your boyfriend is a clear nope.

    If you feel uncomfortable with your old boss, let it go. Because if you're not happy, it doesn't matter how anybody else feels.


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  • The point of immaturity is the lack of real life experience and the main reason of being young and clearly you and your boyfriend are young mentally (not a bad thing). So, stay with your bf and don't think twice of your boss... he is only wanting to get into your pants and vamanos (leave). That's what SOME older men do with younger ladies... They screw them and leave them. If he were honest and true he wouldn't think twice about you in the work place... let alone have a relationship with any of the employees because he's "The Boss".
    It's typical that your bf is going to act this way because he's immature and young but if you love him enough then you'll stick through it and let him know how you feel and you both will try to work things out together but if you don't want to work things out then it's ok too because you're young and you have your whole lives ahead if yourselves and there are many things besides arguing to fight for. Think ling and hard before you make a decision, honestly... Do you want to be in a relationship... If so... which one is worth the effort of love.

  • Hmmm, why don't you try to work things out with your boyfriend, like make compromises, and if that doesn't work, split with him, and go with your boss. Lol. If that doesn't work because of the family issues, then there are plenty of fish in the sea. I'm pretty sure you will hook up with the right guy, so be patient.