Why is this guy sending mixed messages?

I've been seeing a guy 5-6 wks now. We hang out on the weekends, sometimes 2 or 3 days in a row. But for the past week he has been acting strange. Hed still hang out with me asking me to meet his friends but he has not been contacting me as much. He was the one to contact me in the morning & many times throughout the day & the first to say goodnight. He always planned something out days before & would cook for me etc. Now last week he only contacts me through apps and I asked if he wanted to hang out on the weekend, which was last week & he said "Sure!" & then he started to plan out the Sat & Sun, even though it might be difficult to hang out for so long but I'd try. Then on Friday after he send me a snapchat I said I was going dancing that Friday night with friends & he asked where then he said have fun & his friend had also asked him to go dancing so him & a couple guys were going dancing too & jokingly said if he sees me he will ask me to dance. So am on my way to the club & he sends a picture saying he's on his way to the same club. When he got there he said he was in line but I saw him & he didn't text me when he got in. I didn't text him but I saw him walking around & later him & his friend came up to me & my friends & we danced. Weird. Saturday, perfect. I don't know what is going on. I really like him. He has kissed me, met my dad, holds my hand, tries to act like my boyfriend in front of his friends & male & female co workers. haven't contacted eachother in about 5 days last wk was forst wkend we didn't hang out he hasn't deleted me from anything but he just logs on n off. He will randomly send snapchat inboxes. So confused, and why would he introduce me to his close circle of coworkers. Does he like me or not? I confronted him last week asking what's up and he said nothing & tell him what I mean. He says it's nothing so confronting him didn't do anything but make me more confused.

I mean days no calling but he calls me over to just see him and my friend drove we talked while he did his laundry and stared at my face at the bar and we drove about 10 miles. If he might be trying to fade, why waste his time getting us to see him.


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  • maybe you don't have anything left to talk about. This happens often with people who don't have good chemistry


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  • He's not serious about you. Probably hoping for some easy sex. He doesn't like you any deeper than that. Move on