Why did he stop responding? Should I send another message?

For a couple of days I have been speaking to a guy on a dating website who I felt I really got on well with. We stayed up throughout the night talking and when I asked him if he was going to go to sleep he said he was having too much fun speaking to me. During our conversation about our interests he said 'wow you're perfect'. Any way the following day he messages me, we sent around 5/6 messages and then he just stopped replying. He has been online since and I haven't wanted to message him again in case I annoy him. Should I message him again in a few days? If so what should I say? Or should I just leave it?


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  • If you're talking to a guy from a dating website, until he introduces you to his friends and family, he is still talking to other girls. He probably just found someone else.

    I have done this. I use tinder often, and sometimes you jsut end up talking to so many casual dates in a row that it's too much to reply to them all. Some have to fall through the cracks unless you want to be on your phone 24/7.

    Text him again, remind him you're interested, if you're not ok with competing with other girls then forget about him.

    • Thank you. I actually think this is really true and kinda thought this in the back of my mind but it made more sense when you said it. :)

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  • Hi!

    I understand that it must be hard, you have a lot of questions and worries that are completely understandable.

    Ask yourself this: If I was busy/ had a bad day and someone would be blasting me with messages, would I appreciate that?

    I know it is easy to immediately think the worst, but take a breath and realize that you are not the only activity he has all day. There is probably a reasonable explanation.

    Time is probably best, if he really was into you as you think then he will make time for you, but try to give him space.

    Best of luck~

  • I absolutely agree with misscocobutter. I been speaking to a gut online and he was asking how I react towards serious relationship, kids, interests etc
    And i thought we did well and finally i found someone... he said it was nice to chat etc.. he told me night beautiful and that was it... he was gone. I normally wait till guy texts next morning.. if he feels chat went well... i haven't heard anything since. Am off that dating site anyway.

    They will tell you whatever to keep you interested in talking... but if You looking for relationship - late night talking must be a big 'NO'

  • Leave it til he messages you.
    Makes him miss you. Don't make him think you'll stay around because you like him that much.

  • Just leave it. He is probably telling someone else how "perfect" they are right now. Move on

  • I have a friend who I message sometimes 2-3 times a week sometimes more. I know he's in a job where he's on call a lot, gets a lot of emails etc so if he doesn't reply I just put it down to him being busy. He'll answer sometimes but I know I feel like I'm annoying him but he's never told me to stop so until he does I'll carry on. I do leave it as long as I can in between messages though. Also when we meet up he'll remember things I've said in my messages. So basically leave it a while longer then start up a convo but don't read too much into it for now.

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