If you just got out of a long relationship?

of 6 years, would you rather spend time being only you or would you get into a new relationship.
What if your ex already got a new boyfriend- girlfriend would you wait or get in a new relationship?
Is it different for guys and girls?


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  • Definitely spend time with only myself.

    • ye but its not okay to date and hurt the girls when you aren't ready yourself.. like dont drag me into your pain.. you know :S

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  • 6 years means you have bewb talking to him her for 6 year long time she he is ur habit noe it is very difficult to remove a habit u will give up talking to them


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  • Rushing into a new relationship is the worst thing you could do.

    For 6 years, you spent your life with someone. Made them a part of you and gave a part away. And although it might be scary not to have someone to lean on, you have to focus on healing and being alone until you are fit to share yourself with someone, because otherwise feelings WILL be hurt

    • I know! But im referring to a guy i dated, his ex moved on after 3 months and is pregant.. having the baby soon, so im all like why can't he move on also?

    • everyone has their own rythm to deal with things, and we can never know how much people are hurting. If he is taking his time to heal, then I applaud him, because many people dont know how to do that