Does she mean a real date by ice cream date?

Last night, my girl bestfriend asked me to drop by at the bar. I guess she was a bit drunk because she held my hands (we never hold hands), and while hugging me she whispered "I do not know what to do without you, I need you in my life.. I love you so much, (my name). I know it does not mean anything romantic because she just broke up with her bf 4months ago and she needs someone to lean on.

She noticed I was bored (I'm not really a bar kinda guy) so she ordered a banana split for me (She knows I love ice cream and milk shake haha). We shared. I left early because I have an exam the next day.

The next day she texted me "Are you mad at me?:(" I left my phone at home, I was about to reply when suddenly she called. I told her I was not mad.

She then texted me: Let's go on ice cream dates. I love ice cream :)

We always go out for ice cream but whenever called it a date.

*we never


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  • I don't think she meant it as a romantic date. She referring to it as a quality, one-on-one kind of date.

  • I don't think she meant it was a "date", or maybe she did, but it does appear that she harbors feelings for you. At least subconsciously. When you spend a lot of time with someone of the opposite sex, you will find them attractive over time, and starting a relationship with a friend can actually be a good thing.
    She likes you. Or maybe she's rebounding. But most likely, she likes you. Don't bring it up, if she likes you and thinks it's a date, she will make it obvious.


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