What do I do when you really like somone you want to take it to the next level but you still in the friend zone?

I have a guy friend I Been dating since February we've grown pretty close I really like him a lot but im afraid he doesn't like me as much cause right when I talk about taking it to the next level or him being my man he start acting funny but yet we still go steady how do I get him to see we will be great together and get out of the friend zone? or do you think its best I keep things the way it is?


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  • I think maybe he is just shy. I looked at your profile pic and see you are pretty and shy guys clam up in situations like that. Keep things mostly the same but maybe try making your hugs a little longer and look at him a little more in a sort of sexy way if possible. Sometimes telling a friend of a friend that you really like him helps too as it gets back to him and makes it seem "more real" I know that sounds corny but it does help sometimes. I was this shy guy long ago so I do know. Take your time. It's great that you already understand that you don't want to risk losing that bestie too. I hope this helps and good luck :D


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