Hard showing affection in front of her parents?

This is my first real relationship with a girl. We've expressed to each other how much we like each other, and we are officially boyfriend/girlfriend.
The problem lies in being around her parents. They have no issue with our relationship, however I'm reluctant to show affection in front of them.
I'm not a "shout out to the world how much I like something" kind of guy; I'm am introvert.

My girlfriend hasn't said anything yet (she is a strong-willed woman, so she would say something) so she may not notice, or really care.
How do I tackle this so I can feel closer to my girlfriend and not feel like I'm in the wrong?


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  • If your honest with her and tell her what you're feeling, she'll understand :) Parents don't really need to see a lot of affection anyways- if you're polite and thoughtful towards her and her parents that's the best kind of affection and it's appropriate for at the parents house. If you want to try and get more physical in front of her parents, put your hand on her knee when you sit or something! It's a small start but it's affectionate :) good luck!


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  • Just tell her that sometimes you're apprehensive to show affection in front her parents and you would like to get more comfortable with it.

  • Girls parents will appreciate a guy who treats their daughter with respect in front of them. They'll probably appreciate minimal contact between the two of you in front of them. Holding hands, kisses on the cheek, that stuff's okay. No making out or groping anything.

    Be kind to her. Help her when she needs it. Listen to her and be near her. If her parents support her, they will notice, and they'll love you too.


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