How many of you would respond have responded to a note/number left on your car (not anonymous/name left on note)?

How many of you have experienced this or would consider responding to such a note. What would make you respond/not respond?

  • Have recieved a note like this and responded
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  • Have recieved a note like this and did not respond
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  • Haven't recieved a note like this but would respond
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  • Haven't recieved a note like this but would not respond
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Vote 'C' I will for the sheer curiosity of it. BUT after leaving that locality, going far away, shutting off my cell phone and taking out the battery enroute and calling from a pay phone w/o giving out any of my details including my name or registration number ;) :D

    • I know of the guy in question but have never actually spoken to him personally

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    • As far as i know he is shy seems to be generally quiet with everyone

    • Good then if you deem it fit and you want to then go on call him :)

      Good luck on that :) :)

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What Guys Said 1

  • It would be a delightful surprise.

    • Would you not be slightly creeped out by it?

    • I suppose, but there aren't many women that intimidate me. I could see it being creepy though from a different perspective. Would be very creepy if it was a gay guy. Me no homo.

What Girls Said 1

  • It all depends of if I'm interested in the person