"Get off the PUA sites and forums?"?

First off, does this include watching Simple Pickup videos?

Now the main question I have is from where do I learn how to get dates? Or if you want, how about [I]you[/I] guys tell me: how do I as a 16-year-old guy in a high school setting get dates? I know it's not the end of the world if I don't in high school, but I still want to try and maximize my chances and I just don't know how to go about it.

Things to consider:

I am only 5'3.5, 115 pounds, Indian descent, baby-face and currently have little status. How do I overcome these obstacles? I might get professional help and definitely maybe look into some school counseling over my self-hatred issues but the problem is that first of all, it's going to be months until I can really start getting help for that since I need referrals and shit and school is out right now. Second, they are still shortcomings that [I]will[/I] hinder my dating life to a degree.

[I]However[/I], the few times I failed last semester I believe was more because of my lack of confidence, not being myself, getting awkward in front of said girl, and playing things [I]way[/I] too safe. I honestly think [I]those[/I] things are what held me back [I]more[/I] than lacking in the looks and status department.



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  • sounds like only game will help you

    I'd only get off the shitty game resources. Stick to the fundamentals and read;
    Roosh V
    Return of Kings

    I'd say you need to start lifting with religious devotion, wearing boots or shoes that'll make you look taller and get into some kind of contact sport (find an MMA gym near you and start getting into it hardcore)

    Game is the great equalizer.. A few years ago I was a depressed loser who couldn't find a girl to save my life. 1month into game I was getting a blowjob from a cute girl I met at my crappy job. 2 months in, I was having sex on the first date w/ a hot Latina girl.

    • Do NOT read Return of Kings. That website is everything shitty about dating advice. The guy needs serious councilling.

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    • Not really culturally repressed, and I am not looking for a girlfriend JUST for sex. It is also the companionship aspect, which is what I am going for more. I just want someone to talk to and be with and share my life with man.

      Nevertheless there are still issues with interracial dating which is what fuels my self-hatred. I hate the fact that all these unnecessary complications arise from being Indian. Then being short kind of kills me too...

      Do you honestly believe I can overcome these obstacles?

    • not if you dwell on them.

      the funny thing about obstacles is that they're generally as tall and big as we imagine them to be.

      get involved in some masculine self improvement (lifting and fighting), start studying game (I recommend buying Roosh V's DAY-BANG and BANG to begin off Amazon) and start working on urself (i recommend buying Rosetta Stone for French, levels 1-5).

      the hard work you put in now will pay off in a few years

      its seriously in ur hands if like in 5 years ur still an awkward indian dude w/ issues or straight up boss

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