Im I being insecure and not trusting my boyfriend? Men help please, girls input also desired!?

I'm dating this guy that has 2 little boys, who just recently got divorced. The situation is this, he wants to go over to her house periodically throughout the week to see his kids her being there, I told him that would make me feel uncomfortable and asked why couldn't he just take them somewhere to hangout with them somewhere else, he legally gets them 2days a week but he wants to see them more, he told me I'm being selfish and keeping him away from his kids, I told him if that's how he feels he needs to choose his kids over me but he just wants to argue that I don't trust him. I'm confused! I'm i wrong for not wanting him hanging over at her place to see his kids or is my case fair?


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  • I see your concern. Like it or not, she will always be in his life to some capacity because they have children together. I think it you both need to be sensitive to each other. I am sure he is genuinely only interested in seeing his kids, not having a fling with his ex. If you two are dating I would say you should also get to know his kids and they get to know you. I know this would be really awkward, but ask him if you can go with him when he visits the kids. This would be your chance to show how great of a person you can be. I am sure the kids are still little, and it is more an issue of convenience that he goes over to her house since all their toys, clothes and other stuff is there too.


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  • You are way off base here. Chose you over his kids? Let me tell you, you would be history the moment you threatened that.
    He is being a good father to his children. He isn't doing anything but spending as much time as he can with them.
    He will be linked to his ex for the rest of those children's lives. Get used to it. He has other responsibilities than you.
    If you can't handle it, do him a favor and let him go.
    Learn to get to know the kids and come along sometimes if he is comfortable with it and you have a serious stable relationship.
    Those kids are his priority.

  • I don't think he has any interest in that woman anymore. I mean he did divorce her and usually divorces end up bad for the man. (alimony, child support etc.) I think you need to simply trust him.

  • You can tell him how you feel, but you cannot tell him what he can and can't do


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